More Than Half Way Done

by Beth on July 31, 2012

Just over halfway through my 30 week training plan, I find myself evaluating.

First  half positives:

Being injured in the opening weeks of training forced me to see the doctor and get some real medical help. I had been relying on a massage therapist and we just weren’t getting to the root of the problem. Taking a month break from running was nerve wracking but now I’m running well and have a doctor on my team that gets my body and what I’m trying to accomplish.

As a result of the new and gentle stretches prescribed by my doctor, I’m walking more normally. People used ask me if I was limping because my hip and thigh swung forward together when I walked. No one has asked me this in a while. By stretching out my hips, they are now moving more independently. It feels weird! I feel loosey goosey when I walk now. I keep asking Mike and the kids if I look weird when I walk, but they keep informing me that normal people walk that way. I’m still goofy when I walk, but a little less so.

Today was my final fat burning test for the run today and it was right where it needs to be. Heart rate training began 10 months ago, and there were times that I had to be incredibly patient and trust that it was worth it. Sticking with it is the biggest gamble I’ve taken in training for this race. I wasn’t sure when I started the process that it would really work, but it has. Not only am I less reliant on fueling during a race, I feel better when I’m training and throughout the rest of the day. I’m leaner and am less hungry, making eating more about fueling and less about cravings.

Mentally, I’ve stayed focused on my own plan and have been successful in blocking out everyone else’s training. As I’ve mentioned before, other friends are training for IM Wisconsin as well as IMFL. They all have their own plans and are doing different things. It’s tempting to worry about whether I’m keeping up or doing enough. So far I haven’t worried about anyone else and trust my plan.

First half negatives:

My power on the bike is lower than I would like it to be. My right glute and hamstring are still not 100% and it limits the amount of pressure I can put on the pedals. I can’t do the type of hard intervals that would be necessary to increase my overall power. I’ve been able to do long steady rides with acceptable pain levels, but I don’t foresee biking a lot faster in the next 14 weeks.  I’ll have to hope that I can hang in there with a long bike split and come off ready to run. I’m already praying to the weather gods for less windy conditions on race day. If it’s windy, low power could be an issue for me.

My glute issue continues to effect my swim training. I’m still swimming with the buoy, but I’m kicking with it now. Although I wish I could do without it, I can feel my glute tightening when I don’t use it and I can’t risk aggravating it. Knowing that I will be using a full wet suit in salt water makes me feel better about the situation. Can I get by on race day with minimal kicking? Who knows. Hopefully I’ll be able to slowly ditch the safety net at some point, but if not I’ll hope for strong arms on race day.

First half assessment:

Honestly, if I had to stop training today and be done with Ironman training for the season, I would be happy. Not happy to be done, but happy with the work I’ve put into it and what I’ve gotten in return. Endurance training beyond the marathon is complex and challenging and I’ve enjoyed trying to figure it all out. Walking better and feeling better have been so rewarding that I would do it all over again even if the race doesn’t go my way. I already have a mental list of things I would do in the off season if I decide to do IMFL 2013 to improve. Given that I came into training with no coach and only one half iron as my long course experience, I’m happy with the decisions that I’ve made and how it’s going so far.


Jean August 2, 2012 at 5:45 pm

Great job, Beth! I love how meticulous and honest you are with your assessments of your training. Keep up the awesome work. I can’t imagine what it must be like to train for an IM!

Tina@GottaRunNow August 3, 2012 at 5:29 pm

Interesting to hear about your heart rate training. I hope the rest of your training goes well and that your walking continues to improve.

I Run For Fun August 9, 2012 at 7:04 pm

So happy to see that your training is going well and that you are able to get past the injury. Isn’t it amazing what a little stretching will do?

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